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AzanaBand/Kiss Me First

Mind-jacking Ad Campaign

Our creative team have helped Channel 4 puzzle viewers with this unsettling, future-gazing ad campaign for Kiss Me First, a live-action thriller. The commercials for TV, Cinema and Social promote a tech innovation called AzanaBand, which claims to be "the world's first sensory gaming device" stimulating fear, pain and happiness.


To further seed the misleading device into the public consciousness viewers were directed to an AzanaBand product website for further trickery before the drama series was revealed to them.


Platform provided full post for the campaign which included product design and VFX for the TV campaign and website design.

AzanaBand - Conceptual

AzanaBand - Website Animation

Platform Post Team

Post producer: Jackie Sanders

Grade: Enge Gray

Vfx & Design: John Cryer

Vfx: Elliott Bellwood

Audio: Ian Chattam

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