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Our MCR team always works to ensure familiarity and confidence with each client. Platform can tailor a workflow from ingest to delivery, helping you through the post production process in a simple, efficient and personal manner.

We offer a variety of remote options for clients that want to work completely remotely or as the majority do, a hybrid scenario where they spend some time in the suites and some days working from home. It’s a tight team and therefore a much more personal experience for the editors that are liaising with the technical crew. The communication is strong and you don’t get lost in the system which can sometimes happen in a larger facility with a big team.


QC & Deliverables:

As well as offering automated file quality checks, our experienced technicians eyeball check and go through your deliverables, noting every detail to make sure they adhere to the delivery specifications.


Archive Solutions:

We use the latest in LTO technology for clients who require their rushes, projects, data etc to be archived. We can provide back-ups as the project progresses or when the project completes.

File Delivery:

Sending terabytes of media around the globe isn’t a problem with our file transfer service. We can deliver broadcast or viewing files using your preferred platform such as Signiant, Aspera, Wetransfer or Wiredrive.

MCR Highlights

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